pantone rainbow pegboard diy sewing room
Who doesn't love a makeover? I admit I've let the ladies at Sephora paint my face on a few occasions.  AND I've purchased at least a lipstick or an eyeshadow, brought it home and tried to replicate what she did and of course never got it to look as good as hers.  I think I'd rather stick with home makeovers to be honest; and my sewing room was in dire need of one!   

I have been sewing/quilting on probably the tiniest table for years. An Ikea Linnmon tabletop.  So on a Saturday visit to our local Ikea, I scored a much longer version of the same tabletop in the AS-IS section!!! It was a display sample with just a few dings but more than half the original price! Connecting it to my old table now gives me ample space for all of my sewing creations!!


I wanted a burst of color in my workspace and was originally thinking of painting the walls rainbow similar to how I painted my daughter's walls last year:

But me being me, I can't do the same thing twice AND I wanted something that added color but was a little less permanent. So while looking around on the internet for inspiration I came across two rainbow pegboard diy tutorials. One from A Crafted life and the other from Mad In Crafts. These were perfect ideas for what I wanted to achieve! Plus, if you've ever seen/read the book Pantone: Colors, (especially the back of the book) you'll definitely know the vibe I was going for!  


         OK, enough writing and more pics!









And time for some color!


diy rainbow pegboard sewing room makeover

***Some side notes:  If I did this again, I would definitely apply a white paint base coat first.  Putting the painter's tape directly on the pegboard resulted in some of the top layer peeling off when I pulled up the tape.  Oh well, everything is a learning curve right?!!!***





  • I scored the butcher block tabletop for my desk in Ikea’s as-is section too! Sometimes You can find some real winners in there. Also your pegboard is besuuutiful! Nice!

  • Love this! It’s a perfect way to enhance a space, make it colorful, creates a wonderful, Happy work environment!!! It’s beautiful! Thanks for sharing it step by step

    Melanie Lee

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